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Part Number Description Price
GAPO2000/F Space 1999 Eagle Hawk
Blueprints(Italy Import)
LSBP02 Jupiter 2 Lost in Space Plans
Set of 12 Blueprints
Robot/Jupiter 2/Chariot/Pod
MIBP02-MH Martion War Machine Blueprints
Long Out of Print
MIBP03R/F Robby the Robot Blueprints
Forbidden Planet
MIBP04 1979 Sci-Fi Ships Blueprints
External Views- Set of 4
Battlestar/Star Trek Ent/Orion
& Valley Forge. Folded 8"x18"
MIBP06S/F Space 1999 Eagle Blueprints $6.99
RTBP01M/F Macross Blueprints
Robo Tech
STBP03D/F Dreadnaught Blueprints $9.95
STBP04/E Enterprise Legacy Blueprints $5.00
STBP09G/F Gorn Blueprints $5.00
STBP10G/F Grissom Class Survey Ship
STBP10GM Grissom Class Survey Ship
Mini Blueprints 11" x 16"
STBP12I/F Independence Class Frigate
STBP13I/F Ianar Blueprints $9.99
STBP14K/F K-7 Space Station Blueprints $9.99
STBP16K/A Klingon K'Torr Blueprints $9.99
STBP17K/F Klingon Scout Blueprints $12.95
STBP18L/F Lynx Blueprints $12.95
STBP27S/F Starbase 79 Blueprints $12.95
STBP39K/F Kobayashi Maru Blueprints $5.95
STBP39KM Kobayashi Maru Mini-
STBP40R/F Perimeter Action Ships Rolled
STBP60 1701 Bridge Blueprints
10-Sheets-Out of Production
Shows changes to the bridge
from the TV to the Movie 1701.
STMASTAR007 Starlog Magazine #7
Star Wars, Eagle Blueprints
Rocketship X-M
SWBP02 Star Wars Blueprints-15 Sheets
Original Vintage Item from
Sealed Cases.

25 Items Displayed

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